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DirectX 10 for XP - worth it?
Hi, I'm currently using XP and have no plans to change to Vista, so I thought I would be limited to DirectX 9. I've since found an unofficial port of 10 to XP here:

to anyone who's tried this, what difference does it make for pcsx2?


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Yeah, those DX10 "hax" or "updates" or "workarounds" or whatever they are called don't do anything. At best it just fakes your PC into saying you have DX10, at worst, they'll infect your system with something nasty.

DirectX10 relies on coding that just isn't present in XP.
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What KT is saying is the it plain simply doesn't work. Not with PCSX2 at least.
Alky Project (which has "ported" Dx10 to XP) never went any longer than an alpha version before it died (open sourced). So no, you wont gain anything from it, but might instead gain a buggier and highly likely slower gameplay.

And Krazy, Alky Project is the most successfull port as they provide compatibility libraries for games to use when trying to find the Dx10 libraries. This isn't to be mistaken with the regular n00bish haxs, updates and workarounds present on the net (however the Crysis Dx9 Ultra High config file works really great).
You will never be able to use actual DirectX 10 on WindowsXP, end of story.
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direcx10 on XP is bad, man. dont even dare to try that with pcsx2 emuation.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
I don't know where you live, but I know there will be discounted versions Windows 7's Home Premium and Professional edition starting on July 15. Those would be the cheapest (legal) way to get DX10, in my opinion.
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The free RC, which also have almost none major bug at all, includes Dx11 as well. But still, if you have a Dx9 card then don't expect Dx10 to run great.
Thanks for the replies guys, I'll steer clear of any directx10 for xp.
Well, in THEORY, there is no architecture specific issues, that forbid to achieve full DirectX API for XP. API is now secret, a lot of test material exists. But! Such work are not easy and impossible without a bunch of good programmers. So, if you want it -- do it youself.

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