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Does anyone have any trouble with Nvidia driver 260.19 in Linux?
I read in another forum that this new driver was giving several issues on Linux, especially openSUSE (i.e. some native games were broken, problems with KDE desktop and other kind of bugs). I updated my Nvidia driver before knowing this and now I'm regreting it, even though my very few tests went normal (my Windows games under Wine ran normally, desktop effects keep working...). Downgrading the driver is not so easy for me because I'm still novice in Linux and I feel unsecure...

Has someone gotten any kind of problem with this driver under Linux (the best if someone can tell about openSUSE)? Can it be a so bad driver?


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Do not know if there is an issue, but if you install nvidia driver with the website tarball you can use the options --uninstall to properly remove it then install an others versions.
Problem is, I didn't install it with that tarball I don't know at all, by the way. I installed (and updated) with openSUSE's Yast, which turns to be not easily reversible when downgrading. Downloading Nvidia drivers is ridiculously easy, installing them manually in Linux -as for downgrades- is a pain in the ass.

if you installed them with yast from the nvidia repository you can just click on them in yast's search and select remove package or something(can't remember now cause i haven't used open suse for 2 months)
Actually downgrade in 1 step X -> X-1 is not supported but you could do it in 2 step X -> Uninstall -> X-1.

Just be sure that the package is fully remove, on debian there is a purge command do not know for opensuse
Haha I was so confused because I just saw this on the dolphin forum.
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