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Dual-Core CPU
Hey People ! Cool

I figured out that pentium dual-core cpu's are really cheaper than core 2 duo and use the same socket LGA775 so i was wondering if i can buy it till i buy a new core 2 duo as i'm upgrading my pc and i want to use the budget in other components like motherboard and GPU .. Tongue what about E5200 @2.5ghz if i OC it to 3GHZ ? Blink
Thanks Biggrin

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What do you have currently?

An E5200 can typically be overclocked to 3.2-3.8Ghz, depending on how lucky you are with the chip, as well as your motherboard quality and RAM. It should be enough for most applications.

If you plan on upgrading after the Pentium Dual-core, you may as well upgrade to i5 or i7, since you should be set for the next year or so with a dual-core CPU at 3.2-3.8Ghz
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well that's the specifications that i can get right now ..
GigaByte GA-EP45-UD3L
Kingstone 2GB DDR2
9600 GT

so ? Biggrin
kingston is medicore ram, not good for OC and such , mobo and gpu is also OK

as booger the2nd said, 3ghz u can get on stock cooling,
Intel Dual Core E5200 @ 3,5ghz /gigabyte GF9500GT/2 GB RAM / ASRock P45XE/ Corsair CMPSU-400CXEU
So you don't have a CPU right now? Do you have a budget? How long do you intend on keeping this before you upgrade?
[Image: yunacopy.jpg]
awesome ! so what's the best RAM for OC ?
and .. huh ? i didnt know that OC depends that much on RAM !!
heh.. thankzz !
if you want OC by much you need rams with good cooling, and usual kingston has none, the best for OC are OCZ reapers(but expensive) but other like a-data or g.skill or corsair will do fine also.

OC depends on PSU CPU MOBO and RAM
Intel Dual Core E5200 @ 3,5ghz /gigabyte GF9500GT/2 GB RAM / ASRock P45XE/ Corsair CMPSU-400CXEU
boogerthe2nd .. frankly i intend to get my pc next year as i think my budget will get better components if i waited coz' they are getting price-drop as time goes !! and my planned budget will stay the same !! what do you think !
oh ! core i5 or i7 is over price in my country and i intend to upgrade again in 4 years maybe Tongue2
So you don't intend on buying anything until next year?

A lot changes in one year. It's pretty pointless to plan on buying computer hardware that far into the future. By then, the C2D era of CPUs would have been EOL'ed, and you may not even be able to find the CPU that you want. Plus, prices for Core i5 and i7 along with their motherboards and RAM would have dropped quite significantly as well by then.
[Image: yunacopy.jpg]
yep, planning 1 year ahead is pointless .. i doulbt you will buy e5200 than, i recently noticed it starts disappering from top online shops in my country and it was bestseller ... only e5300 is available now. SO i guess its over for e5200, i didnt look just at one shop ..
Intel Dual Core E5200 @ 3,5ghz /gigabyte GF9500GT/2 GB RAM / ASRock P45XE/ Corsair CMPSU-400CXEU

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