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Dual cores and quad cores question.
I seems to have this belief that it's sufficient to go with dual cores as oppose to quad core when it comes to pcsx2 emulation.

Is this true? Please explain to me in simple terms how false/correct I am in this matter.

I was thinking of building pc just as media pc(for watching HD movies and shows).

At the same time I want it to have the capabilities enough just for running Dragon Quest 8/Final Fantasy XII at 3x resolution. i dont care much about newer games on PC.

Any recommendation on what kind of rig to lookout for?

I was thinking of getting Phenom II Dual cores Processor getting something along the line of 3.4 ghz.

To sum it up,
-dual cores or quad cores?
-What you think of the modern cpu with regards to pcsx2 emulation?
-rig just enough to emulate 3x gsdx on dq8/ff12?

Please be easy on the really a noob when it comes to how pc work...
Windows 7 64-bit
Processor:Intel Core i5 760 (3.60Ghz @1.2v OC)
GPU:ATI Radeon HD 5870
RAM : 8192 MB DDR3 Dual Channel
RAM Speed : 541.7 MHz (2:6) @ 8-8-8-20

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Quad Cores are Better specially with the New Triple Threaded VU
^that's true, but not for every game, and having a dual core above 3ghz will be enough for most rpg games anyway(not sure about DQ as I don't have it, but more than enough for FFXII). Althrough "triple threaded VU" is a bs, as to be exact it's MTVU, and it add thread of VU1Tongue, not really triple VU, but pcsx2 with it does have three heavy threads and soo it CAN be potentially faster on 3(or more) core cpu's in some games.

Your most concern will be about playing in x3 internal res. That will require pretty decent GPU like hd5770 or gtx460, at least if you don't like occassional lags. And GPU will probably be the most expensive part of your cheap-secondary-system(assuming the one in the sig is primaryTongue).
if that rig in your sig is your primary it should be more than enough for pcsx2 right now.

for a mediacenter you don't need much more than a cheap dual core at around ~2.0 GHz, a low level graphics card like a radeon HD 3XXX with h264 and wmv video acceleration, 2 GB of RAM if you wanna surf a lil on TV - else 512 MB is enough for every good video player and XP.
Yup the rig in the sig looks fine, although if you really wanted something seperate for movies and gaming then you could get away with a 955 + 5770 combo. It'd be kind of a waste since it's expensive for an HTPC and could be better for PCSX2.
Your current pc in the sig is a lot better than any AMD dual or quadcore cpu. You are downgrading if you going for a amd dualcore cpu. Why put a limit on yourself when more is better? Anyone who has upgrade from a dualcore to a quadcore would never looked back, at least that what happened to me.
It's all about the raw clock speeds and your current Rig is pretty much great for playing PCSX2. You'll have very few sluggish games with that.
I don't really like AMD right now. It's a waste of money when Intel does better.
[Image: 1817164.png]
E8400 @ Stock, 4GB DDR3-1066, XFX HD4670, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
E5700 @ 4GHz, ASUS P5Q-EM DO, 2GB DDR2-1002, Coolermaster Elite 460W
Well what i have (stated on my sig )is actually good enough. it can run most game(except the problematic ones like MGS3 and ZOE2 or incompatible games like Raw Danger)

Well i wanted a second rig where i have it running without OC.
And i thought why not go for something that is already at the 3ghz+ speed.

Well i'm saying AMD because i was thinking of getting mobo that have the AM3+ So i can upgrade the cpu of this second rig in the future.Thus i was opting for AMD phenom II for now.

So my belief is that 3+ghz -ish dual core CPU would run similar to 3+ghz ish quad core cpu when emulating pcsx2 RPG...

suppose to say rig A is 3.2 ghz dual core cpu + gtx 460

and rig B is 3.2 ghz quad core cpu + gtx 460

Performance wise will there be a large difference between Rig A and Rig B?(i mean pcsx2 performance not pc performance as a whole)

Will having a dual core can actually be a bottleneck when emulating ps2 assuming the gpu is good?

And will 3x be pushing it when it comes to dual core cpu even if you have a high end gpu(assuming i upgrade the gpu in the future)?

Windows 7 64-bit
Processor:Intel Core i5 760 (3.60Ghz @1.2v OC)
GPU:ATI Radeon HD 5870
RAM : 8192 MB DDR3 Dual Channel
RAM Speed : 541.7 MHz (2:6) @ 8-8-8-20
Not all games have use of MTVU speedhack to make use of above 2 cores, it'll also be enough for most RPG games, but make note phenom II ghz doesn't compare to your i5 ghz. PII will simply be slower even at same clock and that's not counting additional cores. Underclock your i5 to around 2.8ghz and you'll have performance of 3.2 or maybe 3.4ghz PII(more or less, it's not based on any exact calculation). Still probably more than enough for most rpg's.

Upscalling graphic mainly affect GPU, it shouldn't give you problems playing at x6 with good enough GPU as long as game wasn't limited by CPU at lower res. You could try on your primary system get a game that you can run in x6 upscale without slowdown and while it runs at full speed observe EE/GS% in the top of the window. Then change internal res to x2, and EE/GS% shouldn't really change, althrough maybe they change usually a bit too often to give sure result, you'll surely not notice any major change.
Chose some AMD quad core.It is better than dual core. And good GPU.

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