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ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling
First Post!

I've recently started using pcsx2 and I'm quite impressed. It's so much better picture wise at 1080p. One thing I have noticed is that my stock AMD fan is loud and I was wondering if any one has tried one of these?

[Image: 0332795_628933.jpg]

It's a closed liquid cooler etcetera. I'm not really up for anything complex and I saw this bad boy at Microcenter (In Store) and wondered how much that would help the level of sound coming from my system.

Mandatory Specs:
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor /w Factory Heatsink
OCZ DDR3 8192 MByte - PC3-10700H (667 MHz)
Palit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 1024 GDDR5
Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

No OC everything is at factory settings minus the MB. I have the CPU fan set to keep the processor at 40C. When the system is idle or under low load I can't hear the fan. It's only during ps2/wii/gc emulation and heavy gaming that it gets loud.

From what I've read and seen on Youtube this cooler runs silent and I don't think my graphics card is making any noise even at 1080p. However it seems that all the test systems and video's didn't do the real tests such as games and emulation. So if any one with a similar rig has one of these coolers, what does it sound like?

Edit: Added OS to list

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I bought one of these myself and unfortunately wrecked my motherboard installing it, but I also installed one for a friend and I can tell you from my experience with theirs it's much quieter than both an Intel stock fan and an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. It's also a tiny bit quieter than the Corsair H50 that I currently have for my PC, although the cooling performance of the H50 is better.

Just be very careful when you're installing the FHE onto the CPU, the screws are razor sharp and if you slip you'll at least void the warranty on your motherboard and probably kill it.
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What graphics card are you using and does it make a lot of noise?

(I'm reading up on the H5O)
I'm using 2 GTX 280s and while they can get pretty loud whilst running demanding games, I don't really notice them over the sound of my case fans most of the time, which aren't that loud themselves.
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Thanks for the help. I went ahead and got the ECO. All I need to do now is install it.
Meh, too late, but I was about to suggest the H50/H70 in push-pull setup for futureproofing. Anyways, you better OC your CPU w/ that new coolerSmile
CPU: i7 930 @ 2.8GHz(Everyday)/3.6GHz(Gaming)/4.0GHz(Encoding)
GPU: Geforce GTX 480 @ 850MHz/1001MHz
Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D-E
RAM: 2x3 6GB OCZ @ 1527MHz 8-8-8-24
I'm not really into OC'ing. This system is a dual purpose system. It supports The Archive (10TB) and handles all video/data compression. I just figured since it had all the DC/GBA+C,DS/PS1,2,3/PSP/Sega+/Saturn/S+NES,N64/TGX16/Wii+GC/Xbox backups, I may as well get emulation and run as many of the games as I can at 1080p. The problem is that the emulation was making the system really loud. That's what I'm hoping the ECO helps alleviate. I think the fan on the back of the Kingwin 3.5 SATA 4-Bay(3-slot) Internal Hot Swap Rack will do all the push pulling etc.

I may use safe OC settings later, but for now I'm still working on The Archive. I'm considering using a RAID 0 since there is two copies of the archive and I'd only be doing it to combine the free space on the drives. But that's a Topic for another day.

Thanks for all the help.

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