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[Experimental] Winsock based DEV9 plugin (Now with HDD Support)
(04-28-2017, 05:31 PM)Ge-Force Wrote: @NRoach44

OPL (or other homebrew software) network featured won't work.

I believe the issue is due to smap emulation issues in the plugin, however I haven't been able to figure out the cause of the issue, and finding documentation about dev9 hardware has not been easy.


Your issue is not related to IP options.
Can you confirm you DNS is set correctly for outbreak?

Oh, well that is disappointing as I'd gotten the slims to handle OPL all nicely, and was kinda hoping I could get PCSX2 in on the same system.

If it's not stupid (accessible pads and 100MHz or less), I may be able to hook up my logic analyser to sniff the link to the adaptor if you want.

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Hi it's me again,
I tried to play online using WiFi in my campus but it couldn't connect. I'm still using the plugin you've given me unfortunately it only works in my home WiFi.
here is the log, hope you can help it.

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