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FFX-2 saves
Does anyone have any memory carts for FFX-2 (USA, NTSC) that, storywise, are right at the beginning of the game (5-7% or so), but are cracked/hacked/etc. so that the characters are overleveled and such?

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Ah, well.
doesnt that take all the fun away in playing the game?

i play ffX-2 the normal way without cheating
very timeconsuming >_<
[Image: 1454055.png]
that really depends if you played through it already.

(I got a cheat for ff12, I worked for 45hrs and my hard driver crashed Angry didn't want to work for it all again)
(07-19-2009, 12:59 AM)Saiki Wrote: that really depends if you played through it already.

At least for me it's not like that.Even if I clear the game more than 10 times,when I start using cheats,I don't like the game anymore.

It also depends of the cheat too.If it's some harmless then it's ok.
On FFX I used cheats at the end of the game(I already clear it ones)to make Dark Mater to have more than 9999 damage because that limit is annoying(have the attack power(achieved without cheating) but I can't do more than 9999 without playing for hours just to make one...what about the other characters)

GuJiaXian try those saves

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