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[FFX] Omega Ruins treasure chests question
Hello guys.

I'm playing FFX PAL Version with PCSX2 0.9.8 and I got a question about the treasure chests in the Omega Ruins. I have a normal save game in he ruins entrance. From what I've seen, wether the chests are trapped or not, is random event. I've used the save state feature right before entering a room, and I always get the same chest trapped. If I reload the game and load the save game (not save state), then the trapped chests will change, which proves it's random.

Although, I've read somewhere about a PCSX2 hack where you always get non trapped chests, and that is what I am looking for. Has anyone got any ideas? I've searched the forum and everywhere I could and I won't find anything. I found references to this cheat/hack but I couldn't find it.


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first of all: you always get the same things.
there´s a list for the drops after opening the chest 1,2 and so on.
and if you want to open all of them:
don´t save during the will reset this kind of treasure counter.

there´s a thread that may help you...
the counter thing IS definetely working...i tested it by myself...but the most important: count CORRECTLY!^^ otherwise it won´t work... but the drops aren´t that amazing...that´s the list in the guide:

1) 1x Lv.4 Sphere
2) Defending Bracer (2 slots) Silenceproof, Darkproof
3) Turnover (Magic Counter, Counter-Attack)
4) 2x Lv.3 Key Sphere
5) Defending Armlet (Stoneproof, Poisonproof, 2 FS)
6) 2x Friend Sphere
7) 1x Lv.4 Key Sphere
8) Phantom Ring (Ice Eater, Fire Eater, Lightning Eater, 1 FS)
9) Cactuar Wizard (Half MP Cost)
10) Warmonger (Double AP, Double Overdrive)
11) 2x Teleport Sphere
12) 99x WARP SPHERE!

for me only these Lv.4 Spheres are interesting...the rest is just something to sell for me...the ap stuff is crap (10) your own weapon + emergency ecstacy or how it would be in english...
but that would be off-topic...^^
The counter method does not work. I know this because I saved the state right before entering a room, and if get a trapped chest in any of the rooms, every time I reload the state, the same chest is always trapped. This means that the contents of each chest is determined upon loading the save game (not save state), which means it's totally random and there's a chance of 1/240 to get al 12 chests.

The thing is that I read about a patch/hack for PCSX2 only where you could make all the chests non trapped.

hm that´s strange...because i opened at least 8 or 9 with counting without any problem ^^ but you can edit your save file if you want to gain the items if nothing helps...^^

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