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FFXII pnach help?
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, I'm still figuring this out. Sorry again.

So the problem I have is FFXII will crash on pcsx2 when I try to patch.
I have followed just about every resource I have found involving this issue without question, and yet it will still crash. Really all I want to do is have infinite heath for one battle. I have tried GS and ARM codes as well as making new pnach files. No luck yet. I have used a hexeditor (exactly like the tutorial on youtube) but because the number I am looking for is 1468, there are 345 or so instances of the hex equivalent (05bc). If anyone could help or even has the answer I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance.

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Wrong place to post and what are your pc specs?
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(03-09-2009, 01:51 AM)coud Wrote: Wrong place to post and what are your pc specs?

AMD athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+
2.31 GHz
2gb Ram
nvidia e-geforce 8600gt
win xp

I dunno what else you want to know.
As I don't have the gameversion u are using u have to do something byurself.


New textfile. paste there:

Quote:gametitle=Final Fantasy XII [SLUS_209.63] (U)
comment=Credit CodeBreaker
//Infinite HP

2. Start pcsx2, run FF12. On the Console is a crc code. Write that down.

3. Save the Editor text file as: CRC.pnach (yeh, for CRC u have to write ur actual CRC. like 0779fbdb.pnach)
4. Copy it to patches
5. Enable Patches
6. Run Game

Tried it, works great.
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Thank you very much, I dont know how but it worked this time. I swear I have tried exactly the same pnach file a million times. I must have had some sort of typo. I really do appreciate your help. Thanks again!

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