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FFXII save state / memortcard
SO my dumb@#$ some how copied my pcsx2 folder when i reformatted but my save states and memory cards where not in it!

long story short I am in desperate need of a FFXII save state or memory card for when you first go in to the Eruyt Village the place where Fran is from.

I already checked the FFXII mem cards that are already in this thread but the characters are not leveled up evenly

I need to finish beating this so i can move onto FFXIII.

If you got a good save somewhere between Eruyt Village and Henne Mines, where all of the players are roughly the same level and where they are supposed to be by that point in the game. hook me up, and pm me please.

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Quote:and ill send you $10 via paypal
let the auction begin Laugh
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(05-18-2010, 07:52 AM)jesalvein Wrote:
Quote:and ill send you $10 via paypal
let the auction begin Laugh

i edited it since i have a feeling people would blow it way out of proportion, i thought it would be worth paying a little bit not to have to spend 20-30 hours of my life getting back to where i was.
If it's the NTSC game I have this save, no idea if it's a good save tho Tongue

Anyway keep it in the saves thread, it's there for a reason.

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