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Final Fantasy 12 RNG
Hey guys
so i've been playing through FFXII (runs awesome by the way, full speed on everything except Bash's final quickening...) and have been putting around end game for a couple of days now.
I found out about the supposed "RNG" (or random number generator) method of getting chests/spawning monsters and downloaded the spreadsheet, etc.
Unfortunately, my progression through this spreadsheet (or through the list that is supposed to determine if a number will produce a rare chest/monster/etc.) does not seem linear. Since this is supposed to work slightly different with certain PS2s I realized it must be because pcsx2 is using a different way to create the random number list, forming a completely separate list and therefore order.
I was wondering-
1) If anyone else has tried this/run into this problem, maybe I just don't have something configured right in game or have altered the list incorrectly (you plug your level number and magic power into the equation and that generates the list)?
2) If anyone has found a solution?
3) If the random number list is different as I assume, would I also be correct in assuming that the coders of this project would have an idea as to how these numbers are generated? Obviously there's no such thing as a true (digital) random number generator so perhaps, if it's known, the RNG method could be provided?

Thanks for your help and a great emulator guys!

Sorry, I guess this was moved...I figured it counted as general discussion because it's about how the emulator makes a random number list, but I guess it's more off topic since it's about a game. Right?

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Any love guys?
Any technical details on how the RNG works? Maybe where it seeds itself?

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