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Final Fantasy X: Seymour & Dark Anima vs Penance
To show off some of the things that can be done with FFXED, I made a video of Dark Anima killing Penance. Unlike my Dark Bahamut video, all the hacks were done in FFXED.

With FFXED you can turn aeons into "dark aeons" by hacking "possess" commands into the Item menu. These commands are originally from the final battle against Yu Yevon, and can be used in all versions of FFX. You can also put Summon into the Item menu and use it with any character and every aeon aside from Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters. Aeons summoning more aeons is weird...

Any questions / comments?

Watch here:

If you want to see more Dark Aeons in action you can watch these other videos:

Dark Bahamut

Dark Ifrit

Dark Valefor

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A while ago I made some codes for Yojimbo, and I felt like making a video to showcase them. With my codes, you can:

1. Choose Yojimbo's attack
2. Ensure that Yojimbo never makes a free attack
3. Overkill enemies with Zanmato



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