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Final Fantasy X (USA NTSC) freezes after yuna's sending (again -_-)
well it's the same problem that before but with other iso, this time i got an iso from the original disc (made with magiciso), and it's the same problem, after the viodeo from the sending in kilika.

Version: pcsx 0.9.6 and 0.9.7 beta

CPU: AMD phenom triple core 2.2 Ghz
Ram: 3 GBs
Video: i have no ideas, just that is a NVidia of 512 MBs
Mobo, no idea, i know is a Nvidia though

plugins settings
[Image: sinttulozka.png]

Uploaded with

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I was having this problem too but I put the EE/IOP and VU to Extra+Preserve Sign and it fixed it.

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