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GPU Fan Speed
Should the GPU fan speed change depending on the load ?

I have an ATI 5850 @ stock, latest Drivers and Catalyst Control Center, running Windows 7 32bit. According to Catalyst Control Center and GPUz, the GPU fan runs at 24% regardless of load / GPU temps.

Under 2D loads, the GPU registers 56C. Running Fallout 3, max details 19X12, the GPU temp reaches 68C. Running NeverWinter Nights 2, max details, the GPU reaches 87C! ( I have since turned off the bells and whistles in NWN2 because increased detail or lack thereof does not change my game experience.)

Regardless of the high gpu temps of 87C, the fan stays at 24%. 24% is practically silent compared to the CPU / Case Fans. Using Catalyst Control Center, I can manually change the fan speed. At 35%, I can hear the GPU fan. At 50%, the fan is noisy. At 100%, the fan is LOUD. However, just raising the fan to 35%, the temps in NWN2 drops from 87C to 72C. I am tempted to leave the fan manually set at 35%.

Anyway, should the GPU fan speed increase before the GPU temps reach 87C ?

Where would this be controlled other than the manual settings in Catalyst Control Center?


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it is supposed to go change depending on temps/load... try removing the drivers (delete any leftovers also anywhere you can find) and run driver sweeper to be sure anything is uninstalled 100% and then after rebooting (again) do a clean install with the latest driver. if this is still happening i would do or an rma (cause maybe its supposed to do it but it doesnt and thats bad...) or if you dont wanna bother doing it raise the fan but i would suggest more than 35%. i know noise is good as hell but try to put it as high as your nerves can take, the higher the better for the card mainly but also for the rest of the pc (cause it will generate less heat also).

these cards can take even 100c but i like to keep them at max 75 (on benchmarks so it will be lower or equal on any game)
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Eh, maybe google other people's experience with that card first.
87C is considered healthy yet for high end chips.
The fan profiles are often tuned to kick in sharply at ~92C GPU temperature.
It depends on the manufacturer of your card (Sapphire, Diamond, HIS, etc). Different manufacturers have different bios. It sounds to me like you might have a bios with a bad fan profile (usually an issue for Diamond's cards). You should check with the manufacturer of your card to see if that really is the case.
Alternatively, you can use MSI Afterburner and make a custom fan profile.

Oh yeah. In case it wasn't clear, which it wasn't, the fan profile is in your card's bios and you need to use GPU-Z to extract the bios, Radeon Bios Editor to edit the fan profile, and ATI flash or ATI winflash to flash the card's bios. Which is why it is easier to just use MSI Afterburner.
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It sounds like a fan profile problem. This is similar to my GTX 480, with the exception that my issue is normal and exists on all GTX 480. The fans don't speed up at all until it hits 80C, which by design frustrates me sometimes as it raises my case temperature significantly. Otherwise, it doesn't pose an issue as GTX 480s run fine up to 105C.
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Have you tried using MSI Afterburner?
One of it's features is to let you define fan behavior on video cards.
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