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GPU Recommendation for PSCX2
Im building a Htpc and i have a Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz processor but need to buy a gpu. Im hoping to buy a discreet gpu for under a $100. Will any of these work?

Sparkle Nvidia GT 440 1GB DDR5
Asus ENGT 430 1GB DDR3 Fanless
His ATI Radeon 6570 Fanless 1GB

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GT440. But you're probably stuck with x2 res max, or x3 on some games.
As someone who owns a radeon 6850, I'd recommend the extra $50 to get it - easy to OC, relatively low power usage, plays all modern games on high settings, and it'll be playing new releases longer than any of those cards you suggested.

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