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GSdx 1.0
No news for gsync support?

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Unfortunately, It's not going to happen anytime soon.
[Image: 36a66c559937a1f5d0cd7460362d4093.jpg?bg=2c2c2c]
But does it need something ? Or is it due to exclusive Fullscreen insanity?
Yes, It needs exclusive Fullscreen to work properly.
[Image: 36a66c559937a1f5d0cd7460362d4093.jpg?bg=2c2c2c]
(02-26-2017, 09:26 PM)CK1 Wrote: Yes, It needs exclusive Fullscreen to work properly.

No. G-Sync also works with windowed applications (I've tried many PC games and it works). Even the GOG downloader triggers G-Sync, for example. It's very easy to see if it's working because I use G-Sync and ULMB at the same time.

But for some reason, G-Sync isn't triggered by PCSX2, unless I use that DLL that I mentioned other times (this trick maybe only works on Windows 7, and it's limited to DX9 and DX11 hardware renderers), which also seems to turn PCSX2 into exclusive fullscreen when I press alt+enter.

Exclusive fullscreen would be better, though. Because in windowed mode, mouse movement affects G-Sync, at least for me. And it has less input lag, etc. Removing that DLL requirement would allow 3D Vision for everyone that uses the GSdx plugin that has 3D modes (and I would finally be able to upgrade to Windows 10).
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But with that dll pcsx2 goes crash.
because you didn't update directx using the redist
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