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GSdx9 Direct3D11 not working
i'm running a pc with windows 7 32 bit on a intel core i3 cpu with 4 gigs of ram. my video card is a radeon hd 5450. my computer and graphics card have no problem running directx 11 and the guide in the forums said something about pixel shaders, which i couldn't find.

at the moment, my graphics plugin is GSdx 4600 0.1.16, which is what came with the install pack. i'm using sse4-r4600 and have configured it to run direct3d9 off of hardware. as for emulator configs, i'm really just going by the preset, which is at 4 at the moment. i'm trying to play gitaroo man from an iso file and i haven't really tried any other games, but i'm running into points where the framerate drops to about half. in a rhythm game, this can be pretty annoying.

my question is, why does direct3d11 crash pcsx2 if my processor and video card can run dx11, and i've updated all my display drivers? would using direct3d11 instead of -9 change anything? also, can anyone give me a configuration that would make the game run at a stable 60fps or as close as possible? i really don't care too much about resolution or graphics quality as long as it can run stable and keep the video/audio in sync.

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try using latest beta with mtvu hack.
did you try to update directx ?
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thanks for the reply. my directx is up to date, but i'll try updating to whatever plugin is newest right now.

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