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GTX 560 vs GTX 560 Ti
GTX 560 Ti Vs. GTX 560

Is it really worth the $50 to get the Ti version over the plain GTX 560?

Also, I'm up for any recommendations you can give me for a better bang-for-my-buck. Most I'm willing to spend is $250 range, but I really don't want to go over $200 unless it's REALLY worth it.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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I don't think it's worth the extra $50 unless you want the extra power (I chose the 560Ti cause with some overclock you can get performnce close to the GTX 570 withoutit costing $100 more...). the GTX 560 is better price/performance ratio than the 560 Ti (the performance difference is around 10%) however there's also cheaper/better 560 Ti cards like the MSI Twin Frozer II which is very silent and has better cooling and you might get a good rebate with it Tongue2:

As for other recommendations the HD 6950 is not bad either and if you like to gamble it's possible you could get a lucky one where you would be able to unlock some extra shader units to get performance closer to the 6970.
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