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Gabest, we need you pls come back !!!
does anyone know when gabest come back ? .. his plugin gsdx are way better then ZeroGS ...

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Don't know, i keep meaning to poke him. Seems the rest of the team are maintaining gsdx at the moment Tongue
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He'll prolly come back around the time of DirectX 15 so just hang in there!

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WOW you sounded like you were groveling there for a minute leave the guy alone his just recently been married and is enjoying his new life so PLZ let him be and even in his absence Both RAMA and Sudonim are doing amazing changes to the GSDX code so its still in a very Good and fastly updated manner so Quit bugging they Mighty Gabest he will appear from time to time anyway and will update us if ever he decides to return to scene
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DirectX 15!...I am not worthy *bow* Laugh
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(07-26-2010, 11:28 AM)SonicXPS2 Wrote: DirectX 15!...I am not worthy *bow* Laugh
EWW!!!!!!!!! hope not that's to far ahead for now
who knows maybe someday MS will remove the numbers on the side and just Stick with Direct X or Even better DX just my opinion though
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It's good a thread that shows the praise for him but I totally agree with Anito999, lets give the man his deserved happiness time Smile

He probably will resume in due time with renewed will, come what come we are always and already grateful to him.

PS: Still does not do any bad at all more and more people telling him how important he is to us. The same for all the team in the GSDX development and of course the PCSX2 as a whole.
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Well,Gabest only worked on his plugin,and rama and others work on the whole emulator.Well,hope he'll return.

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