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Game Problem
Hi it`s Marv sorry when i write not so correctly i'm german.^^

So i have a proboem with my gameplay like this:

Usually it must look like without the blurr under the middle of the game picture.
how i can repiar it?

Now in german:
Hi ihr seht ja ich hab ab der mitte im spiel so verschwimmungen und die sind ja normalerweise nicht da. Ich weiß aber nicht, wie ich das wider wegmache könnt ihr mir da helfen.

PS: Emulator Anfänger.


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Try the latest beta:

In GSdx in the beta try using 2x or another scaling resolution and if that doesn't work try with the "native" checkbox enabled or using a (Software) renderer.

It would help if you mention the name of the game.
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I have seen similar issue although in other game. It was corrected there using the offset hack you can expose adding the line in gsdx.ini

Anyway it is after the latest beta as pointed above. These hacks must not be abused and are very game dependent, reason they are hidden by default.
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ne name of this game ist Time Splitters 2

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