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Gaming "Social" Networks
Ok PS2 lovers from all around this lovely little planet let's share our gaming profiles to each other and become friends (not necessary Biggrin) This may include sites like: Raptr, Xfire, Steam, Xbox Live, PSN and others.

Okay I'll start, I'm active user of Raptr so I'll share my Raptr account, Feel free to add me Smile

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PSN = giorgakis132 Laugh (But I have full friends list Sad)
[Image: PCSX2giorgakis132-2.png]

Thanks Silver112 for the sig! ^^


I love violins Tongue

Steam : AlexM13
Xbox Live : Alex Moore 13
PSN : AlexanderMoore

I'm not very creative with names...
[Image: signat11.jpg]

My Guide to PCSX2 for Windows (outdated, but still generally accurate)

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