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George Moralis Aka Shadow The Pcsx2 Founder
Everything has a beginning, And Pcsx2 started with this Man "George Moralis"aka Shadow. Read the Story as given by the profit "Refraction" and learn the history of the best Ps2 emulator the world will ever know, then take a peek at the founder himself via his facebook page
So without any more delay i present you with

The Pcsx2 Story by Refraction

And the Founder of Pcsx2 George Moralis aka Shadow *snip*
ROG Asus G74S laptop
Intel core i7 2670QM @2.2(3.1ghz turbo) Nvidia 3gig GTX560m 8 gigs DDr5 Blue-Ray Burner windows7 64 bit
[Image: r1gyld.jpg]

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I'm sure he doesn't appreciate you starting a stalker line to his personal Facebook page.
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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