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Gmail password?
I've been trying to figure out my son's email password for some time now (to see what he's up to on the internet) but to no avail.
There's all kinds of nonsense going around and its almost impossible to find a genuine way to hack his password. I know that a phiser will not work or one of those keyloggers. I need software to essentially crack his password.
Any ideas as to where I may begin?

All help appreciated!

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i don't think anyone will help you invade someone privacy here ( even if it's really your son's )

so please ask it somewhere else where piracy is allowed there ....
On a personal level: Put some trust in your son, if he's doing anything really bad, try to walk in on him doing it, otherwise leave him be.

On a professional level: Any sort of hacking peoples private stuff or warez is prohibited here, so im closing this thread.
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