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God of War - No Medusa's Gaze
Hey, I've started playing God of War on PCSX, and I'm now at the part where you have to use Medusa's Gaze on a Taurus thing in order to freeze it on a floor-switch that opens a portcullis in the same room.
The problem is, I don't have Medusa's Gaze!
I had it after killing Medusa and I could use it and everything, but then after I clicked > in order to use Poseidon's Rage again, it disappeared and I can't switch to it anymore.
Is there any way to fix this?
Or alternatively, I think that if I get enough red orbs to upgrade the Gaze to level 2, maybe it'll pop back up. Any way to cheat on this? Patch the game in-memory somehow?

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You switch powers with the d-pad. Switch back to it...
Nothing to do with PCSX2, moving to off-topic
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(03-20-2010, 02:45 PM)Bositman Wrote: You switch powers with the d-pad. Switch back to it...
Nothing to do with PCSX2, moving to off-topic

Hey, reread what I wrote, I CANT switch back to it, trust me, I've tried.
This is either a game bug or an emulator bug, and it probably isnt a game bug, so I do think it has something to do with PCSX2.
Would be very grateful if you moved it back. Thanks.

EDIT: Well, I managed to fix it for now using ArtMoney to increase my red orb count and leveling medusas gaze up.
Hopefully wont happen again.
EDIT2: Well, stupid me, the problem was my mappings. I somehow neglected to map my left D-Pad button to the left.
Oh well, this was at least a nice experience at cheating Smile
Nope, I've tried it myself and it works perfectly with PCSX2. Not to mention the dozens of people who have finished the game on PCSX2. Of course if you use speed hacks or you messed with CPU->Advanced settings you could have broken it.
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how to kill medusa in pcsx2
What do you mean...the same way like it is on PS2.
Just hit her till the "O" appear and after that repeat the commands that appear(it may be kinda hard if you use keyboard to play)

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