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Good games for PCSX2?
can some1 tell me what are the best games to play that work well on PCSX2?
a game that matches FFX or something...


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(10-03-2009, 07:35 PM)dman22 Wrote: hi,
can some1 tell me what are the best games to play that work well on PCSX2?
a game that matches FFX or something...


tell us your pc specs...
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(10-04-2009, 12:55 AM)dman22 Wrote: Intel C2D e6300 1.8GHz
nvidia 9800GT 512MB

Blink Sorry to tell you that your CPU is very weak for pcsx2 and you should only be able to play some 2D games with it..If you could OC it a bit (use it at your own risk) to something as 2,5 Ghz it would be really helpfull.Tongue
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forget about my specs, ive ran some games fine already, i just want some good games to keep myself busy
Forgetting about your specs, I'll just speak from my own game collection. In order:

1) Resident evil 4.
2) God of War. It's not my kind of game but it's great for what it is. It doesn't set a foot wrong.
2) Tomb Raider: Legend. I heard people say it was too short--but I played it on the hardest setting and didn't use any health packs for the entire game on my first playthrough, which I think dragged it out nicely. It's much better than Anniversary anyway.
3) Vice City. Been 4 years or more since I completed it, but since I did complete it I must have enjoyed it. Since I've grown older I've liked the game less for it's revelling in depravity (kind of what Tarantino is to movies).
4) Shadow of Memories (I think the US version goes by a different name...). Not a popular title but I really enjoyed it, although it wasn't the sort of game I wanted to keep replaying to discover all six endings.
5) FF12. Highest production values, acting, and graphics of any Final Fantasy. Gameplay excels in some areas but also suffers from repetitive, time-wasting MMORPG-ish elements like "farming" and insane arbitrary randomness; much worse than any previous FF game (that I've played), and the storyline is worse than bad, it's non-existent, at least if you're looking for a plot.

The other 7 games I own I do not think are good, but they are:

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. It's passable mindless monster bashing, but I'd hate it less if they didn't adopt the name of a much superior game, like that guy in Silence of the Lambs wears female flesh.
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. They diddled you with this one, you only get one finishing move per character. I think I just don't like fighting games anymore though. It probably has great replay value with all the unlockables.
Final Fantasy X-2. What were they thinking?
Shadow of the Collosus. I may actually play it one day, but that horse is called "Agro" for a reason--in the vernacular I use it's foreshortening for "aggravation": the (pain in the) ass is annoying/realistic to control, and there was very perceptable frame-rate dips in the first 10 minutes of playing, which wasn't long before I stopped playing it. This might be one of those cases where a fast computer may actually run the game better than the native platform (not yours, though).
Tomb Raider: Anniversary. The original Tomb Raider shows its age.
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Gratuitously silly. Impressive coreography (matrix-like fighting), very repetitive and gets dull, and had no interest in the plight of the main character.
Okami. I hear this is a good game, but playing a wolf just wore me down.
try Melty Blood Actress Again

its a personal favorite of mine, but you'll have to play it in japanese.
theres an english translation out if you get the pc version of Melty Blood Act Cadenza which is the prequel
What, so people will recommend some good games, then you'll go and download them Tongue2
I never get these type of threads, surely you should know whats good and whats not, out of your collection ?

Why not just use google, or have a look around here ?
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