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Good place to host large txt files?
Since there are some coders here I thought this might be a good place to ask. I'm looking for a site that will let me upload and instantly view a txt file that's ~1MB with ~20,000 lines. This file cannot be split.

Sites I've tried with no success: pastebin, paste2, justpasteit

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Google Docs should have that kinda support, where you can work on the same document in the cloud, even Office should have something like that through Skydrive IIRC.

Perhaps this is something for you? I never needed something what you need, but I googled a bit.
Thanks but I'm not sure any of those services are right for me. I'd like to post this txt anonymously and view it in-browser...
Then make a new google account with a completely anonymous name and make the document public.
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I use and . Not sure how much they'll fit your needs, you'll have to check it out.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I tried them all along with 25 other sites listed on another site and managed to find something that works for me Smile

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