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Grinding, even more grinding.
I am looking for someone who is willing to grind me and Pi's levels to 80 in .hack://G.U Vol 2, after many hours of grinding Pi from level 60 to 70 , i went to the final arena tournament and my enemies were level 75, and now I DONT WANT TO GRIND ANY MORE levels for 4 more frigging hours!

If someone is willing to grind Pi's and my level to 80 ill be grateful

But remember i only want you to level Pi and my char up to 80, not fight the final match!!!

Ill even pay someone to do it.

Ill give you my savegame over MSN or Skype and ull begin ur work, and when u finish grinding and i see the results, ull get paid over PayPal.

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Uh ok so why don't you use a cheat or something to level up your character? Since either way, you're not going to do it yourself so cheating or giving it to another person to do it is practically the same. Also saves you money and time Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Because i dont know how to cheat?

I just started using this Emulator because i really wanted to play all the .hack series.
After 3 hours i grinded me and Pi to lvl 80 and 78 , no need to do anything, requesting a close.

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