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Hey guys, well directX 11 is becoming more noticable on more and more games/programs etc with the use of the "tessalator" that helps out devs a lot but I was wondering if it would actually do anything for Pcsx2 given its emulating stuff that didn't have this "tessalation".

Because from what you hear on these forums making something like a new gsdx is a hell amount of work and this time round with my computer-noob eyes I can't see a benefit except I've heard directx11 utilizes hyperthreading much more effectively.

So, should pcsx2 wait for directx12 or will directx10 last it for good really?
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Tesselation can't be used for anything in GS emulation.
(10-12-2010, 12:11 PM)rama Wrote: Tesselation can't be used for anything in GS emulation.

Really nothing???

What about tesselating triangles to just make models and lighting look smoother. Not even talking about displacement tesselation. Even tho that it's kinda hard to do without normals for input.

Or why not generate normal maps from textures luminance and adding some random detail using that as a base for displacement tesselation.

Well. I just thought for a moment. ;P
Because it won't work correctly given the multitude of hacks and workarounds
needed to get a proper representation of a 3D scene.
At best it may introduce random artifacts but I assume it won't work at all.
You have 3D coordinates in space before rasterizing. It's usually enough to do linear tesselation. If you have simple lit materials/textures you could indeed extract a 'normalmap approximation' usable for displacing them new vertices. It's hard for boundary cases ofcourse.

But yeah. It mosdef won't be worth the work. GS is basicly a rasterizer only. So it ***** up making use of the awesome features. Injecting it into VU stage would be something but there's NO WAY.
There isn't much work being currently done on gsdx.And emulation can't use all advantages so screw dx11, dx9 rules. Laugh XD
Eh, dx10 is better than dx9 because you don't need to muck around with Logarithmic correction Tongue2
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