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HCF and HCB motions... (HARD lol!!!)
i've been practicing this over a month lol...i dont have a game controller coz i like to play everything with keyboard

anyone have some tips how to nail this easily???

i played KOF 2002 Unlimited Match and using WSAD keyboard config for left analog stick emulation

QCF and QCB motion were too easy by the way, mashing them like crazyBiggrin

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really can't figure out myself
I have the left analog stick bound to AWSD, right analog to JIKL, d-pad to arrow keys, L1/L2/L3 on E/Q/LALT respectively, R1/R2/R3 on KP7/KP9/KP0 respectively, X on both space and KP5, O on KP6, square on KP4, triangle on KP8, select on F, start on G.

Needless to say it's impossible to operate the right analog stick on a keyboard, but i can handle the d-pad where it's at, but this setup ensures both hands are as far away from each other as possible so they won't be in pain after a while ^_^
sorry for noob question but,

what does KP7/KP9/KP0 means???Rolleyes
KP = Key Pad (*points to box of numbers on far right*)

(or it could be macro keys)

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