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Haha, April Fools I guess
Suddenly the site's much more fun ;p
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great find... although it will began here only a few hours ahead, it is already April fools in many places Smile
Imagination is where we are truly real
This pink theme is April Fools, right? Scrolling up and down is laggy for some reason, can not wait for this to go away ._.
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LOL! I'm gettin' a kick out of the little messages in the PCSX2 logo on the top.

"A gay friendly community"
"Even bositman thinks it's ga... err cool!"
"The sexiest emulator in the world!"

Who's idea was this? Smile
hey I was thinking of that too !!!
did you read my mind or something ?? Ninja
Excl He's on to me...! Ninja
(04-01-2011, 02:56 AM)Rezard Wrote: "Even bositman thinks it's ga... err cool!"

Bositman FTW Laughv hahaha
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Oh that was April fool's? Honestly I thought there was a site glitch and I just went into the User CP and changed it back to dark theme... Maybe I should change it back and give it a look over for the lulz?
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This pink kinda grows on you...


Also, IMO, truth to be said, as extreme as this theme is, it's actually quite well done, if you like the colors..
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"Pink isn't a color - it's an attitude!"
"Even bositman thinks it's ga... err cool!"

thanks for making me giggle on an otherwise dull morning in college xD

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