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Have 4gb or more ram on your 32-bit (7) pc?
Here's an interesting find:

My PC now reports 4096, which is the full storage of ram on my machine, and it does boost performance on PCSX2 a bit.

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thank you i have the same amount of RAM and lost my x64 bit of 7
i cant believe Dirtysoft is locking the RAM just so you can spend more money on buying the x64 version Angry
this applies to windows vista x32 too
My New PC
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this patch is specific to windows 7, afaik
They aren't really ripping you off though. The OS's cost the same. In fact in my opinion a 32 bit win 7 should never have been made. It's kind of pointless with all processors reasonably new besides arm and atom and maybe via supporting x64.
>4GB on 32bit is old school.

I always assumed that the home builds of windows just didn't implement it. Figures that Microsoft would have it implemented but disabled though, it's their sort of "thing".
enjoy your unstable gaming system.
its unstable Closedeyes
my RAM is damaged already ( unknown reason ) i dont want unstable OS too

this would make it even more unstable, theres a reason why the virtual addressing is limited on 32bit standard setups. that server scenario's do not have the same problems.

mainly vga and storage drivers do not like 36bit addressing, which the kernel patch enables.
the problem is x64 OS isnt available in my area alot because computers ( are really old ) dont have more than 2 GB RAM
so unlocked x86 seems the best solution Tongue

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