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Have nothing to do with my time soooo..

I am completely new to Programming.. i only know that i want to write (OpenGl)Plugins for some Emulators like Pcsx2 and Mupen64+ so they can finally get the same Level of Performance as on Windows...

Can someone lead me the first steps of the way with some guides or something? would be highly appreciated


(Greetings from Austria, Home of the Mozartkugel)

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*Moved to Hardware/Software Discussion...

Also, good luck! Wink
already got a (some say) great e-book in my native language

gonna read it tomorrow^
as ice queen said, good luck

youre going to need it
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Hey, I recommend you start with smaller projects than emulator plugins (especially a GS plugin).
I've seen at least a dozen attempts at GS emulation and they all give up (postpone indefinitely Tongue2).

If you really want to work on this, try helping out with GSdx OpenGL maybe.

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