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Help with FFX-2?
Hey guys, I was just wondering if my laptop could run FFX-2 on a playable speed.
Specs :

Windows Vista
Card Name : NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GS
Manufacturer : NVIDIA
Chiptype : GeForce 9200M GS
DAC-Type: Integrated RAMDAC
Processor : Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.00 GHz ( 2 CPUs), ~2.0GHz
RAM : 3066 MB RAM
BIOS : Phoenix SecureCore ™ NB Version 08LE.MP00.20081017.KSY
Model : Q210/P210
Systemmanufacturer : SAMSUNG ELECTRNICS CO., LTD.


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No, it cannot.

Wait, what is "playable" to you? Cause if you go by the "Playable" on the compatibility list (can get from the beginning to the end, no matter what the speed is), then technically "Yes".

But I'd still think "No", because I'd figure the laptop would fry before you reach the end of the game. LOL
You most certainly can play the whole game at full fps (Except FMVs) Mellow

I did and your laptop is stronger than mine.

*Set clamp modes to "None".
*Set most speedhacks on/max(FFX can take the full beating but I think there was one which FFX-2 didn't like).
*SuperVU compiler [Legacy].
*Disable Windows Aero/Set to "Windows Basic".
*Close anything which your task manager is showing is either using any of your CPU% or uses lots of RAM(Like Firefox).
CPU: i9 20Ghz 40-core
GPU: GTX 129000 in Octo-SLI
Monitor: 800x600 15" CRT

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