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Help with new GPU - Nvidia 660TI vs ATI 7950
Hey guys,

I thought about buying a new gpu for my system which should be able to run some of my favorite games at mid to high settings.

My current specs are:
Intel I5 3470 @ 3.2
Gskill 8 gb @ 1600mhz
AMD Gigabyte 6670 HD 1GB DDR5 vram
be quiet Pure Power L8-CM 530

Im actually able to run games like Kingdom Hearts 1+2, Final Fantasy 12 and more @ 60 FPS with low Anti Aliasing, and 2-3x Scaling with some minor fps drops here and there. esp. at cutscenes. I currently playing with 1680x1080 because my TFT cant handle more. But the games should be able to run at 1080p when I get a new on.

My main question is: Can the Nvidia Gigabyte 660TI run this? I can't really decide if I should get the 660 TI or the ATI 7950 which has 1 GB more VRAM and a larger bus. On the other hand the nvidia can take use of physx which is huge difference in games like borderlands 2.

TLDR: Should I buy the gigabyte 660TI which has 1GB less VRAM and lower bus width than the ATI 7950? Is there even a noticeable difference in these 2 GPU's?

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The 7950 is much more powerful,
but the amount of RAM is not really an issue.

I would still be tempted at the GeForce, myself.
You really are making a choice between "great" and "greater".
check both gpu spec and compare!


Nvidia GTX 660 ti max 2gb DDR5

ATI HD 3gb to 6gb HD 7970 ddr5>>> SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 7970 GHz Edition 6GB GDDR5

remember to check system requirement and power supply requirement!!!
... He clearly already has... :|
A fair comparison would be against the GTX 670, the 192 bits mem interface is a major hindrance to the 660Ti even when it has the same number of CUDA cores as the GTX 670 (at 256 bits memory interface).

For many games the 7950 has an edge over the 670 (mostly due to it's impressive 384 bits at the mem interface).

The amount of memory could help only if using incredible high texture resolution... well...

The favorable point for the Nvidia is the ability to play with physX and this can make a difference in a game like Metro 2033 where it is well used and not just for fancy show as in some other games using it.

Whatever the choice between the GTX 670 and 9750 HD is a good choice, for similar price the 660Ti has significant lower performance.

Edit: although for reasonable play, any of these three cards is very good.
Imagination is where we are truly real
I've tested Final Fantasy 12 with my 660 ti so here are the results.

Everything at high msaa 16x, scaling x4 when at x5 it lags below 60 fps.
It was overclocked too.
Im getting a 7950 soon. 4x is totally fine for me atm 3x scaling lags at some points.

Thanks to all!

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