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Helpp plzz I want to play FFX
Okay i stayed upp all night trying to working with this thing and it is 9am now i really need help please.. My pc specs are:

Intel Pentium Processor T4500 Duel Core 2.30ghz, 1mb l2 cache, 800mhz FSB(Reading off of box).. Uhmmm..
3GB DDR2 System memory.. 320gb HD.. Intel graphics Media accelerator 4500M with up to 1309MB total avaible graphics memory...
Win7 64bit and my laptop is a G72-227WM HP Notebook PC (:

Okay so whenever i have it on Direct3D10(Hardware) The game is unplayable and very lagggy. But i switch it to the Software one and the FPS went up to like 50-60fps.. On the game theyre talking fine but its still laggy and i cannot play like this.. Especially during battle.. I really need help here .. I can take screenshots of all my configs and everything if youd like. Ive been searching all over youtube how everyone else has theyre config setup.. I evn saw someone playing it on a emachine he said on his video.. Idk know what else i can do ): .. I see ppl playing FFXII on the psp so i guess i'm just going to resort to that maybe.. Any ideals whats going on here??

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PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What do the EE/GS% numebrs in the game window say when you get slowdowns?

With that graphics card I'd suggest you use the Direct3D9 (Hardware) renderer and tick the "Native" option in GSdx, maybe see if enabling/disabling "Allow 8-bit textures" makes a difference too.

Other than that try some speedhacks, just take in count you have a slow CPU and a much slower graphics card and you may not get great speeds anyway.
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Actually my computer runs really fast i never had a problem speed at all.. I've just bought this computer.. I got the iso within 2hrs.. I mean it's really not that slow at all and the EE is at 70-80% with the GS the same.. I tried switch to Direct3D9 (Hardware) and its Terrible the only way it will even be possible for me to play is in (Software) mode.. I also tried the 8-bit textures and the fps went down to like 30-40.. All my speedhacks are enabled besides fast cdvd thing.. idk.. I was really hoping i would get to be able to enjoy this game again but im that just not going to be posible on my computer.. Thats really a bummer -sigh-
Heres my download speed if it help xD
[Image: 1339252141.png]
I could just barely run FFX (International mind you) with software mode at 3.5GHz without lag. Lag is going to happen on such a weak processor. Your best bet is speed hacks, and DX9 Software Mode. Internet speed has nothing to do with PCSX2 Performance.
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If you had ripped it, it would have taken 10 to 15 mn.
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