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Hey guys can you please give me a moment of your time?
Hi everybody, me and my friends recently created a video for a scholorship program, (we are going to be seniors and gotta apply to college soon), and we have created a video that is supposed to be "fun, while explaning the benefits of tea"....Yes Tea lol, but here is the video and its only 2 mins...If you guys could just watch it and rate/comment on it then me and my friends (we are 17 btw) would have a better chance in the contest...

Its not rick roll either guys Tongue

Thanks again! By the way, PCSX is awesome, i play tenkaichi 3 no problem...Biggrin

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Nice video, plot was there, acting was fine, editing was great.
Maybe you guys should redo the voices a bit, I found they didn't match the quality of the vid otherwise Tongue2
Thanks a lot for watching! Yeah ill talk to my friends and we will definitley take into account the voices! but thanks!

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