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Hi and first quiestion. What are best ps2 games ?
Hi guys. I am new to the forums. I am 21yo from Poland. PC gamer since 7Wacko thats about me.... btw. Nice community Youve got here.
Remember I tried Pcsx2, 3 or 2 years ago and ShotC was not working. I checked recently and it works quite wellOhmyOhmyOhmy. Not too fast but at least playable. rounding 40-60fps but seems slow most of time. internal 1024x1024, all speed hacks x2 only cycle thief slider set to disabled becouse it make it only worse.
Guess its as it is for my cpuBlush

Anyway back to the topic Laugh
I don't know much ps2 games. My favourite are Shadow of te Colossus, Re4(much better than pc version), God of War and Devil May cry.

What other games Do You recommend? I am searching for ICO so don't need to mention this (which is kinda impossible to find anywhere in my country). I don't think to try out jrpgs as a pc gamer but who knows. ohh and I would ask mostly for ps2 exclusives becouse All that is for pc I proboably heard, played alreadyCool

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How about Mana Khemia 1 and 2?
Okami is a japanese themed zelda style action game where you play a white wolf god, and have to draw to use magic powers. it also runs great with pcsx2

shadow of the collosus is a good one and looks absolutely amaaaazing at high resolutions, but you already got that one.

blood will tell is an interesting but not really that well know hack and slasher with a great story about a baby that loses 40 parts of his body, gets them replaced by mechanic parts, and needs to get them back from 40 demons. every part of his body gives you an upgrade, for example: the first one is his eye which grants you color vision LOL.

try tekken 5 or soul calibur if you like fighting games.

if you like arcade style shooter games try gradius 5 (more action orientated) or r-type ( calmer tactical orientated, has 120 ships!!)

if you like diablo type games try champions of norrath, altough i don't think it works on pcsx2 but i'm not sure.

kingdom hearts is a really fun game, if you have a heart, you'll like it. Wink

last one: the best game ever: katamari damacy dun dun duuuuunn
Oh, I forgot something,
Persona series is good too... ;D
Especially the 4th one..
I will pick up the Persona Series because everyone says those are awesome games. But we cant forget Grandia III and Marvel VS Capcom 2. Both classics.
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Haha first time I've seen Grandia III described as a classic. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is better on Dreamcast or get it on 360/PS3 with online play.
I would suggest Ar Tonelico 1&2 and Atelier Iris 1&2
and for a 'classic' grandia game, i would suggest grandia 2 (a ps2 port was made but grandia 2 is best played on a dreamcast)
or you could get a PS1 emulator and play the original grandia
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Thx for the anserw. Going to check them out on Youtube firstLaugh
What about horror games?
best PS2 rpg in my opinion are
1.Tales of the Abyss
2.Persona 4
3.Final Fantasy X

im trying to play Ar Tonelico now... and its generic, boring and cheep Tongue
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