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How did you....
Come up or start using your moniker-login name- Call sign?
Why not share how you got it or such.
Don't under estimate the power of stupid people in groups.
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Well, my friends regard me as something of a...unique personality. I play the trumpet (aspiring music major), and I graduated high school in 2005.
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When I was younger I used to play an MMO called Runescape and was also into space and aeronautics and the such, so I came up with "nasa geek" as a unique name. Ever since I've used it for all online accounts.
it was a character I wrote in a story, liked it so I use it now
Marvel vs Capcom's secret char and liked the name sicne then :P
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Mine's from middle school, where some of the kids would call me Air or Air Jordan because I could palm a basketball and do fancy mid-air layups and dunks (kind of amusing though because disregarding height and vertical leaping ability, I was an otherwise a horrible basketball player). Online I used "Air Richter" simply because it had a nice ring to it compared to Air Stine. Wink

... and then in a sudden fit of laziness I just shortened it to Air. I admit even to this day it pleases me to have a three letter moniker. Long enough to be a legitimate word, and short enough to fit inside the smallest of textual confines.

To this day I'll use the names Lone and Lone Richter for RPGs or MORPGs. 'Lone' comes from Dragon Force (for the Sega CD, Working Designs produced the English port). Lone was one of Leon's generals, and it seemed fitting to my typical RPG persona (which, admittedly, isn't significantly different from my normal one).
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Secret boss in tales of eternia, main character in tales of Phantasia : Cless Alvein

As I'm long haired with a big beard, people started calling Jesus and through time it became just "jes".

I started using this combination about 10 years ago
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When I was about 12 and my brother was playing FF6 on ZSNES he named Sabin->Bosit. Stole the nick and added the man, kept using it since then Tongue
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Kabooz: strangely that one is just thought up xD I was 14 and thought need nicknam something cool and flashy OO

Kakterius: that one is named after FF8 boss monster Kaktorius (I think it's named cactaur king in english) Kaktor = cactus the suffix -ious = in this case a sign of royalty XD
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One day I heard my brother saying laugh weirdly, he was saying it like "larf" and after watching Ghost in the Shell, I was a bit obsessed with the laughing man and his logo, so I firstly used LaughingMan as my username, but after a couple of user accounts I changed it to Larfin_Man and now I use it for all accounts. Except for the ones that don't allow underscores v_v
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