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How do hardware upscaling devices compare to the upscaling done by PSCX2
Due to the fact that PSCX2 has not gotten to the point where games are consistently or reliably playable at a strong frame rate and likely never will, I have been looking into upscaling boxes for hdtvs (which I would be hooking a native PS2 or BC PS3 to) due to the fact that PS3 BC with PS2 games looks horrible and naturally native PS2 looks terrible as well regardless of the cabling or scaling/resolution/upscaling settings used.

Naturally hardware emulation on PSCX2 is excellent in terms of up scaling but its just plain not reliable enough when all I want is to sit down and play a game for multiple hours at a time, not without tweaking settings constantly and switching between versions and plug in settings for the ideal game experience. Also, before I get naysayers indicating my system is not up to snuff to be fair it likely isn't due to the fact that most users here OC to get good performance, but I do have a strong system at stock settings

Intel Core i7 870 @2.93ghz
ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB 850mhz
4GB DDR3 1600 RAM

I've played with both the latest beta release and 0.9.6 with many different games and while I've had plenty of games that are playable they still tend to have choppy cut scenes and freezes abound in a lot of situations.

The bottom line is this. I want to know if anyone here has tested an hd upscaler with a native console hooked up to it, such as the ones shown on this page

and if you have how do they compare to the upscaling done by an emulator?

I know the emulator is likely going to win in all instances because pc hardware is more powerful, but I just want to know if its comparable enough for games to look good on a 1080p screen like Emulators do? It would be a $400 investment for me to get a good one at least so I want to know it works before I dump my money into it, otherwise I'll just dump my resources into cooling my PC better or get a PC preoptimized for OCing (while I could learn how to OC properly and learn through trial and error I am a working stiff with very little free time, so an out of the box solution is really the only way I want to go since the idea is to use what little free time I have to play games, not pound my head over making them play passably through an Emulator.)

Thank you for any and all feedback or input you all have.

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Thing is, it won't compare to PCSX2 at all. What PCSX2 does when upscaling is making everything render in the upscaled resolution, unless its pre-rendered graphics, commonly the character icons and some buttons. While the hardware upscale box will upscale everything as a bitmap picture in a sense, proving to be blurry and creates lots of aliasing.
CPU: i7 930 @ 2.8GHz(Everyday)/3.6GHz(Gaming)/4.0GHz(Encoding)
GPU: Geforce GTX 480 @ 850MHz/1001MHz
Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D-E
RAM: 2x3 6GB OCZ @ 1527MHz 8-8-8-24
Yep, basically PCSX2 creates the graphics at a higher than normal resolution.
Upscale devices take the original resolution and resize it to the new target resolution.

The main difference is that PCSX2 will look a lot better *if it works* while an
upscale device will just provide the best possible visuals of the original system
(freed from any such annoyances as noise, grain or flimmer that the analog circuitry added).

If you want my opinion:
Go with a nice upscale device and original hardware if you just want to enjoy some games.
Go with PCSX2 if additional features such as HD rendering and savestates are more important to you.

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