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How does Blaze HDTV Exploder for PS2 work?

Happy New Year Everyone....Yes, I know it's now the 7th of Jan, but I've been a little busy...Mainly making sure all the leftover Christmas food and drink has been "disposed" of......

I just wondered if anyone knows how the old Blaze HDTV exploder actually works. I have an old disc kicking about, and have just bought a new tv with much more expansive controls then my old HDTV..This means that if I use the Blaze disc and set the output to 720p I can zoom it to full screen. I presume that I get some loss from the zooming as it's only upscaling, but the TV is pretty good in that respect. I was wondering what the 720p output that the blaze disc sets, is really doing? If the game originally runs at say 480 lines, what is going on?....

Does this make any sense?.....

Any help with explaining would be appreciated...

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Well, you can see if this review helps:
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