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How high could i overclock ?
Im as noobish as anyone can be when it comes to overclocking, but here it goes.

I got an AMD Athlon X2 5600+ clocked at 2.9GHz(default). It takes 1.32V and the FSB is set to 200. Temperatures are steady at 31'C on desktop and 40'C in an game with standard air cooling. How high could i overclock ?

ps: i got that info from CoreCenter.

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i think there is some special tools to over clock the speed of you cpu or gpu, you can download some tools to help speed up the process of you computer.
I dont recomend using overclock tools for AMD chips, they are very unstable - and AMD's threshold/s are alot lower than intel (intel chips are all the same clocked down IE e8400 is a e8500 with a lower multiplyer... AMD chips are more induvidual) you could probably get 3.4Ghz might need a new cooler(AMD's heatsink isnt brilliant), but 2.9 is okay.
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