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How to know what type of modded chip is in my Wii?
OK i have other questions too since I'm new in the field Wii. so please bear with me.

1. how to know what type of modded chip is in my wii without physically opening my wii?

2. What is the most recommended DVD to burn Wii ISO files. I've heard that Verbatim is good but is there any other alternative close to it?

3. can i play my games online while my wii is chipped? i've heard a lot of negative response for this matter but just wanted to make sure.

4. what does the twilight hack do?

5. Wii home brew channel; should I be online using this program? and can it play or emulate SNES games and such?

6. when i bought my wii they told me that its only chipped to play wii games - Korean wii - (i bought it because its cheaper and thought that maybe i could do the other stuff on my on), so a chipped wii that can only play wii games, is there any way i could modify it to play GC games as well?

6. any extra info is much appreciated. =) thank you all!

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definitely wrong forum
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As jesalvein said this is the wrong forum this is the Pcsx2 forum, as in Ps2 Emulator. You also broke the first rule:

Quote:# Warez talk is prohibited and frowned upon, to prevent legal issues. You may not post links or refer to any kind of BIOS, ROM, ISO, Game that has been illegally obtained or shared.
If any post like that is found, the thread containing it will be closed and further support will be revoked.
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And closed.

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