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How to overclock a Q9000 mobile
Hi, I've got an acer notebook with a Q9000 processor. I want to overclock my cpu atleast 300mhz. The best way to overclock is doing it in your bios(I've read it in several forums). The problem is that my bios is locked, so I can't do it that way I think. Another way should be with setfsb but it doesn't support my motherboard. Is there anyone who knows a solution? Can I change my ratio outsite the bios? For more specs of my notebook look at my signiture.

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You're pretty much out of luck then. As you have found out, most prebuilt laptops and desktops by major companies (Dell, HP, Acer etc.) usually have proprietary BIOSes (or customised BIOSes) which lock away most overclocking settings.

Typically, you'll have two options:
- If the clock generator on your motherboard is supported by software like SetFSB, then you can use that to overclock. Obviously this does not apply to your case.
- Hope that the motherboard is simply a normal retail motherboard with a customised BIOS, as opposed to a proprietary motherboard. If it is a retail motherboard, you may be able to flash the BIOS to that of the retail board, complete with overclocking options etc. However, this usually applies to desktops, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.
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Thanks, I've had a reaction of one guy from this forum with the
same processor. He said that I need the pll number on my motherboard to see if setFSB will work with my motherboard. I guess I used a wrong number, so I will open my notebook to search my pll number. But first I need to get a good notebook cooler. I will post when it works. It's a pitty that bios overclock won't work on my notebook.
Yeah, the PLL number should be on a crystal near the battery. You'll most likely need a torch to make out the reading.
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(11-06-2009, 03:23 PM)boogerthe2nd Wrote: ...need a torch...

Does a gasoline-soaked tshirt on a stick count? Laugh
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I haven't had enough time yet to find the pll number, but I will search it tomorrow. I will let you'll know when I found it. Thanks for the reactions.

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