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How to transfer computer pictures to cell phone?
I have a MacBook computer and I want my pictures that are on my computer to be on my Motorola Razr 2 v9. I have a memory card and a memory card adapter. When I put the card in the adapter, the computer recognizes it. And the pictures that I have on my phone can transfer to the computer with no problem. But the pictures on my computer won't transfer to my phone. All that shows up is a big red "x" on a black screen. Am I doing something wrong? The phone company is AT&T.

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Its not related to pcsx2
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It's very off-topic, thoughSmile
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Okay so if you can copy pictures onto the memory card and the phone sees the files but will only display the black screen X, than it either means the phone can't open it for some reason. It might be just that the resolution is to high and the phone can't process the image. Just resize them closer to 240 x 320 pixels and try again. The other thing is that somehow the files get corrupted, but this is highly unlikely.

The only other I can suggest is to get a newer phone if you can permit it.
Plus the easiest way is to send I picture text to your email then send pictures in emails back to that address.

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