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Hunting for a game. like LifeForce for NES
I saw a clip in the pcsx2 trailer for a game that was ALOT like the LifeForce for NES. It should the player using 'options' speed ups etc just like the NES version. BUT i guess its not called 'LifeForce 2' because I can't find anything with that name.

Please help i still have that game for NES and would like to play the 'new version' for PS2.

I need the name. please.

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There are several sequels to Lifeforce on the PS2. The main one is called Gradius V. Gradius was the original NES game, LifeForce was the 2nd in the series, Gradius 3 was on the SNES, and Gradius 4 was "arcade only" but more in a sec:

There are also a retro port of Gradius III and Gradius IV to the PS2:
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
As I remember, Lifeforce is also named Salamander for NES/Famicom, mostly a vertical shooter compared to the Gradius series, which is a horizontal shooter.

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