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HyperCam 2.0 woes
So, recently, the company that produces HyperCam decided to release version 2.0 as freeware (making 3.0 commercial) and I had heard a lot of great things about this program so I though "maybe I should give it a shot" so, I downloaded it. Well, one thing's for sure, it records more acceptable framerates than CamStudio ever hoped to achieve (30fps instead of 15). There is, however, a major flaw; most, if not all videos recorded at anything past 24fps will cause the audio to go out of sync. Under the AVI tab in HyperCam, the default settings are FPS: 10 Playback: 10, Key Frames: 100. These settings are not acceptable for recording smooth gameplay, so I tried to change it to FPS: 30 Playback: 30 and Key Frames: 30 but to no avail.

To make matters worse, movies recorded at 30fps tend to go faster than normal speed (almost like 120fps); the speed varies depending on which video codec I use, whether it be Xvid, divX, Lossless JPEG, FFD Show, or what have you. One way or another, how much interleaving each video needs is impossible to determine (when forcing synchronization via VirtualDub). Some files need to be adjusted by -3000ms and other +1500; spending 10-15 min on each video, trying to find the correct value for each video is something I don't have the patience for.

I know my PC isn't top of the line, and CamStudio is supposedly more CPU/GPU intensive than HyperCam is; if that's really the case, shouldn't I be able to theoretically record PJ64, ePSXe, etc at 30fps, with synced sound? Youtube isn't much help, either, as people who make tutorials NEVER tell what settings they use in their game recordings.

As you can see, this is very frustrating, and I don't want to pay for FRAPS either (seriously, 37 bucks?! WTF?) So, when it comes to determining which FPS/Playback/Key Frame combo to use, is there a formula to follow (like does 30 FPS equal to 15 Key Frames) ? Do all values have to be the same or what? I'm really at a loss here.
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