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I can't use Direct3D on some emus after video card upgrade
Does anyone know why I can't use Direct3D on some emulators(mainly gens based).The Direct3D is grayed and that happen after I upgrade my video card from FX5500 to 6600GT

That way I'm forced to use DirectDraw or GDI and both of them switch the color to 16bit.

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I'm not quite sure but did you de-install all your old FX drivers before swapping your cards its a possibility that there are some conflicts between the old drivers and the new ones.

Also try removing your emulator by deleting any trace possible from it on your pc (including any registry entries it might have done)
and reinstall it maybe the emulator has not detected the change and does not see the new card as a valid display adapter ?

again this is just a suggestion i hope it helps a little but i never had that kind of problem so i really c'ant say.
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I have this problem from long ago and till now I reinstalled my windows at least 3 times.
And about emulator settings...this happens on every gens based emulator that I download which has the ability to choose the between GDI,DirectDraw and Direct3D
i think its beacuse your graphic card is too new for some old emu`s and the emu may contain a bug in the code or something that prevents you form using directx with your current gfx card
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Did you update your driver.
Sometimes when a new one is released and I don't realize it all my games suffer until it FINALLY hits me that I should probably check for updates.
You *upgraded* to a 6600? Ouch Sad

Could be defective. Make dead sure you have the proper drivers, because I can't think of anything that would cause that. Does the card pop up correctly under dxdiag?
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I have problems with newer drivers so I just stay with 81.98
I don't have any other problems,everything else(other emulators,pc games and so on)works without problems.

PS.I buy that card 3 or 4 years ago.

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