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I'd paypal someone $15 to rip KH1 and KH2 FMV with audio
I am not skilled enough. And would pay someone $15 to do this. I don't want it converted at all from its mpeg2 standard. So as much original as possible, unless KH1/KH2 have weird propriatary formats. (reinvent the wheel much?)

I would then take the video and
PS2 mpeg2 > vreveal > *1920x1080 > uncompressed > Adobe Premire/Sony Vegas > Youtube 1080p AMV x264 spec

I need all the full motion videos on these. For AMV perpouses XD

I don't "need" the audio but it would be nice.
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Use Fraps, it is VERY simple to use all you need to know is:

F9 - Video
F10 - Screenshot
F12 - display FPS

Then you can do it yourself (I feel that it may be breaking the rules what your asking here?) and its free.
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I think what you are asking may be illegal due to the fact that you are asking someone to distribute the material rather than use it for personal use. What you can do though is, ask for memcards saves of KH1 & KH2 close to the FMVs, and record it yourself using FRAPs or the built-in recorders of pcsx2. If you have a good computer, yo can do it easily, u just need some time to play through the game and get the footage.

Aside from the above, the person who would actually want to do it will need a pretty good internet connection and HDD space. Uploading all of those videos could take quite some time too, so very few people will actually want to do it.

I wanted to do the same for the Valkyrie Profile 2 game, but having to beat the game for the 20th time to get everything I need for a AMV is something I don't have time for right now.

If you can't find someone to do it, just try what was suggested above.
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Yep, that's most certainly not legal. Edited out your contact info..
It is legal.He asked just to someone extract it for him.
It is illegal, the reason why is that I would presume that the person has to give it to him at some point, otherwise the files won't just pop up on his youtube channel by magic. On top of that, you can't create a AMV without having the actual footage.
Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.6Ghz
Nvidia 275 GTX Co-Op
HDD 2x750GB Raid 0
Mobo - Asus P6T
OCZ Game XStream 700W
Window 7 Ultimate
Sorry guys I didn't know it was illegal.
Fraps is a good idea.
Doing that now.

But I own the rights to KH1 and 2
PLZ don't ban me I didn't know.
Ok since that's cleared up.
Thread closed.
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