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I finally landed that plane in Top Gun

I read the FAQS, created a video, and got it down.
Now maybe you guys can land that plane to!

Imagine, it only took me 20+ years to do.

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20+ years? To do THIS? WoW.Must be really hard o_O
[Image: PCSX2giorgakis132-2.png]

Thanks Silver112 for the sig! ^^


I love violins Tongue

So in 20 more years you'll be able to refuel in the next level.
Lol that's got a legendary difficulty like silver surfer. My congratulations to you sir Smile
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Huh I must be strange couse I was doing that casually as a kid, and I had that game only for like a month when I was on summer holiday. Didn't even know the game's name untill now I watched that youtube video and reminded I know it;P. Seriously it's too arcade to be hard and it shows you exactly what to do on the plane display. Like "up! up!", "speed down!" etc. if done slowly it's easy, guess the difficulty is from not doing it calmly and overdooing the commands, my brother nearly broke the pad on it and never landed either xD.

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