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I just know that....OMG
Yesterday, I just know that one of my university teacher is who designed the VU part of EE!

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O-oh, sorry for wrong place...
but why ban?
ummm so?
nothing so
I just never know that HE, a man looks very ordinary, can't feel any "Great guy Aura", designed VU
So, you just wanted to blurt out a vague statement and leave it at that...?

How about you make this thread a little more interesting by including some details? Rolleyes
of course he means a part of pcsx2 cpu, but is it true?
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
I'd imagine he means the VU part of the real PS2, not PCSX2.
[Image: 2748844.png]
It seems like there's something needing to be said here... Like, the name of said teacher.
Well, he said so, I believe it.
His name is Souichirou Matsushita. Currently a professor in Tokyo University of Technology. The univeristy I'm attending.
Oh, about details... I was so excited so that I didn't ask many... And that is just few minutes between lectures, I don't have much time to talk with him.
And I'm not well at programming, nor some "advanced hardware knowledge", I don't know what to ask. So I just asked some very basic questions... All he told me is "R5900 is a cost-down version of R5000 and added some unique circuits like VU and own instruct decoder blah blah..."

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